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khalil masi


Khalil is a Chemical Engineer with a focus in Life Sciences. Khalil is a consultant and founder for multiple Hemp processing companies, and brands. He is one of the first to introduce cannabinoid blending in products, as well as facilitating sales and marketing for product launches. He has been under the tutelage of thought leaders of industries such as Industrial Hemp Solutions, Blue Circle Economics, Zero Emission Research Initiative and more.

He has worked as lead environmental & process engineer, managing company's energy consumption, and water quality for influent and effluent streams. Khalil has also worked in the Municipalities as an engineer for Wastewater & Storm water management for the City of Kalamazoo during the coronavirus pandemic.

Khalil has designed greenhouses and worked in project construction for many years. While at university, Khalil ran an E-commerce business and was a personal trainer. He was President of the Science Club, Black Student Union and Student Government. Many great programs came from his leadership that are still in tact today.

Khalil has a fundraising portfolio of over $40,000,000, and would like to increase that by a factor of 10 in the next 2 years.

His personal views are simple, more things should be Open Source so more people have access to participate in (/the) changing the world.